Will Betts

Core Values: Respect, Wellness, Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration, Heritage-Driven Leadership

Will started as an intern at BBCo during the summer of 2020 and has since grown tremendously as a valuable member of our team. He has taken the lead as our photographer and has effectively managed the studio to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Will's exceptional creative eye has helped drive the vision of our brands, and his unique perspective has brought out the best quality imagery in every shoot. He collaborates seamlessly with all teams to ensure that every shoot is exceptional. He doesn't shy away from going above and beyond to find the perfect props, flowers, or necessary ingredients to make each shoot a success. Will is truly an asset to our team and organization. 

Kate Lindsay

Core Values: Respect, Accountability, Collaboration

Kate is a tremendous and highly valued employee, and her contributions provide the Company with great value and insights. Kate demonstrates the core values of transparency and collaboration by holding regular meetings with her business partners and the FP&A team, where information and needs are discussed along with challenges and recommended solutions. Kate is always striving to help the business improve its performance. These meetings also ensure everyone works together on common goals and in a common direction. Kate is highly accountable and often works extra hours to complete budgets, forecasts, board slides, and various projects on time. Kate is highly motivated and constantly seeks ways to improve her business knowledge and find additional efficiencies with current processes. Thank you, Kate, for your continued hard work and dedication!

David Whitmore

Core Values: Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, Heritage- Driven Leadership 

David Whitmore has shown remarkable dedication to Better Being Co. over the years, working tirelessly to help establish the company as a leader in its industry. He has significantly contributed to our organization, demonstrating persistence and creativity in proposing and implementing process improvements. Dave has also worked collaboratively with other teams, including marketing, quality, purchasing, and international, to solve complex problems and develop innovative approaches to enhance the efforts of the teams he leads. Recently, he has taken on the responsibility of helping to integrate the international regulatory team and is currently focused on globalizing our regulatory strategies. 

Lorita Joe

Core Values: Respect, Accountability, Collaboration 

Lorita Joe is the day shift DS team lead. She ensures orders are packed correctly and on time. Lorita is responsible for Target orders and pushes the team to finish them accurately every Wednesday. She has a deep understanding of the DS department and excellent problem-solving skills. Lorita communicates well with the team and fosters a positive work environment.

Amy Stearns

Core Values: Respect, Collaboration 

Amy is a hardworking individual who provides us with the necessary sales analytics for meetings with our top customers. This information directly impacts our organization's revenue. Her insights are invaluable, and she approaches our work together as a true partner. She values the team's insights and incorporates them into her work, creating comprehensive and actionable analytics that are ready for presentation. Additionally, she works in partnership with SPINS to enhance our team's dashboards.

Breanne Peterson

Core Values: Respect, Wellness, Accountability, Transparency,Collaboration, Heritage-Driven Leadership

Breanne consistently demonstrates exemplary integrity in all aspects of her position. She is an honest, hardworking and ethical individual who sets the tone for a positive work environment. Breanne's communication and actions show respect to others. For instance, on a snowy day in January, she shoveled a path to the front steps of the building to prevent anyone from slipping and falling. In addition, Breanne is very thoughtful and caring towards others.

Mireya Gonzalez

Core Values: Respect, Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration, Heritage-Driven Leadership 

Mireya joined the company less than two years ago as a Bottler I and with her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to a Bottler II. She continued working hard and with her positive attitude, she was promoted again to a Bottler III. She has been a great asset to the company, especially with her leadership skills in the Spanish-speaking team. In the last few months, she has shown exceptional leadership skills and has handled the challenges with Better Being remarkably well. 

Brent Palmer

Core Values: Respect, Transparency

A few weeks ago, Brent accompanied one of our employees to court after they received a ticket for being rear-ended in one of our box trucks. Brent researched and discovered that our box trucks have an anti-roll-back feature. He then went on several ride-a-longs with our drivers to confirm that our trucks did not roll back at the location of the accident. Brent presented his findings to the judge and was able to have the ticket overturned. Additionally, Brent has done an excellent job taking on the added responsibility of Monarch and continues to promote a positive culture. 

David Hicken

Core Values: Respect, Accountability, Collaboration

Dave is an exceptional team player who is highly motivated. He is constantly seeking ways to make processes more efficient and can often be found discussing his suggestions via email or in person. He demonstrates his commitment to the company by being willing to go above and beyond, including working late or coming in early. Recently, when a crucial position became vacant, he voluntarily filled the role, demonstrating his great attitude and willingness to help. Many have noticed his dedication and positive attitude. 

Robert Gomez

Core Values: Respect, Collaboration

Robert is an exemplary employee who consistently performs at a high level in his home department, PW. However, he goes above and beyond by willingly offering his assistance to other departments like CW and CWP, whenever they are behind or in need of help. Robert is always flexible, communicative, and collaborative, and is often seen spending his afternoons, consecutive Saturday mornings, or even entire weeks helping in other departments. His actions are a testament to his excellent teamwork skills and are greatly appreciated by everyone. We are lucky to have him on our team, and we thank him for continually striving to improve and for being an outstanding role model.