A journey to better health, wellness and happiness.

Our mission is to empower people to live healthier, live happier, and live better. That’s why we curate a family of brands designed to reach people of all ages and backgrounds—to help put quality supplements and personal care solutions in their hands.

We keep quality top-of-mind in our ISO accredited labs and facilities in Ogden, Utah, where 85% of our 5,000 products are manufactured. Grounded by our Utah roots and inspired by our customers, we’re on a mission to be the world’s most trusted resource for wellness.

The Better Being Way

Good health starts with great brands.

Our portfolio of brands is designed to bring wellness to anyone in need.

Going above and beyond.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our ISO accredited labs are focused on consistency and care.

Focused on growth.

Our goal is to spread the wellness, with 68,000 new points of distribution in Food, Drug, and Mass spaces.

Our Company

Our family of brands is defining the industry.

Better Being came to life because what was once a fragmented health and wellness marketplace demanded more thought and purpose, especially if people were going to have what they needed to take charge of their health.

Our founding brands, Kal and Solaray, were the first nutritional supplements in the United States, setting the stage for Better Being to cultivate a portfolio of brands that stands for superior quality in the health and wellness industry.


Our team

We’re one family working for the health of yours.



Our history influences the future of health and wellness.

Our Mission

Not many companies can sum up their mission in one word, but we can—empowerment. Everything we do is designed to empower and inspire people to feel their very best. To live healthier lives with the help of superior products that put people in more control of their wellness.

Our focus on process, quality and progress yields a holistic understanding of human health, which gives us continued purpose. We’re an ambitious group, and not afraid to assume responsibility for the health of humanity.

Our Vision

It takes courage to lead an industry and to have the conviction to bring focus to a flooded marketplace. Those originally behind Better Being were brave visionaries who recognized just how crowded the health and wellness industry had become. And that people were struggling to navigate the onslaught of products, many with questionable quality.

The result? Our laser-sharp vision to be recognized as the most trusted, natural source for health and wellness, inside and out. This drive continues to inspire every move we make to be trusted as the one and only family of brands the world needs to achieve exceptional health.

Our Values


Strength of character catapults us into the future


Openness means there’s more room for advancement


Collaboration fosters invaluable innovation


Determination and resolve enable discovery


Appreciation and admiration inspire ingenuity


Passion and zeal galvanize new ideas